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64sq. mt flat with mezzanine, in a little vintage house in Monza city center. The apartment comprises living room with kitchenette, a bedroom , a bathroom and a utility room. The mezzanine is composed by two independent and communicating zones.

Modern technologies used to achieve energy savings are well integrated with ancient building techniques kept intact within the apartment.

The Project

The flat has a loft. The first floor is composed by a living room with a kitchen area, a bathroom, a badroom and a utility room.
The mezzanine has two independent rooms that can be used as living room.

During the renovations we have paid attention to materials choice and layout of rooms to guarantee the higest comfort; we have also developped the facet of energy conservation.

Modern technologies used to achieve energy savings are well integrated with ancient building techniques kept intact within the apartment.

Energy conservation is favoured by the use of condensing boiler, radiating panel and low-emissivity glasses.

Radiating panels – benefits:

Energy conservation: the temperature of the water that flows in radiating panels is lower than in radiators (40°C instead of 70°C). This quality allows a 10-20% energy saving compared to radiators.
Better comfort: people in a room heated by radiating panels receive more energy than in the same room heated by radiators.
Heat death: the big heating surface allows heat death.
Air healthiness: Radiating panelsheat by radiation and not by convection; so they don’t move air and irritating airborn particles such as dust.
Nonexistent obstruction: radiating panels are under the floor, so they don’t clutter up rooms. 

Condensing boiler – benefits:

Energy conservation: Condensing boilers have a heat exchanger that uses heat in the flue gasses to pre-heat the water, so that much less energy is required to raise the temperature of the preheated circulating water to the desired level. Condensing boilers will use 35% less energy to deliver heating and hot water to your home. 
High efficiency boilers: Condensing boilers have high efficiency that can rise to 109%, compared with the 88% offered by traditional boilers.
Advanced technology: during recent years condensing boilers have been subject to big improvements, so that they are the most efficient boilers on the market.
Low environmental impact: the better burner gas exploitation allows a drastic lowering of pollutants emission.

The Context

The building is situated in the pedestrian precint within Monza city center, very close to Duomo of Monza and within minutes to the station.

The vintage fabric has a quiet internal courtyard on which the houses at ground and first floors overlook.

The condominium is composed by 12 flats.

The flat is at first floor, it’s double aspect and it’s very quiet.

Tha apartament has been refurbished, and we have installed heating, air-conditioning and alarm system.


Wide oak planks 15 mm thick.

Bathrooms walls
White and yellow porcelain tiles 20×40 cm by Vogue

Bathroom fittings and taps
Bathroom fittings by Pozzi-Ginori, 500 line.
Taps and fittings by NEWFORM, X-T line

Each room is air-conditioned by an air-conditioner with heat pump.

White Switches and sockets by Bticino, Light line.
Satellite television system.

Independent heating system with radiating panels.
condensing Boiler by Sile.

Wooden windows with low-emissivity glasses.
Wooden painted white internal doors.
Wooden painted white skirting board 10 cm tall.

Alarm system.
Reinforced door.

Winding staircase by Albini & Fontanot.